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Monday, March 28, 2011

A great new review by Miss Lynn for Gracie and the Preacher,http://misslynnsbooks-n-more.blogspot.com/2011/03/gracie-and-preacher-by-tl-peters-e-book.html

Gracie and the Preacher

T.L. Peters
5 Stars

This is a wonderful story that shows how love can conquer all things. Brent Everett has one love in his life and that’s his dog Star. A mistreated mixed breed Lab/Rottweiler mix shows as much love back to his owner. Really on his own most of the time as his mother always seems to be busy at the time, Brent and Star just happen to wander into a tent revival meeting. Let’s just say this is where his adventure begins. With problems at home Brent talks the preacher into letting him and Star hit the road with him. He agrees on one condition, that he name the dog Grace which actually turns out to be Gracie. Now what kind of name is that for a boy dog. Brent whom has since changed his name to Bill soon learns that the preacher has many sidelines mostly illegal , but the more they travel the more the preacher changes some of his ways.

From breaking Gracie out of the pound and acquiring another dog named Hope in the process, wild cross country rides and troubles with smugglers and shootouts, Brent finally returns hope to see his mother. Now re-married Brent has a decision to make Stay at home with his mother and her new husband or go back to the life that he has been use to for the past few years.

This is such a heartwarming story of love and devotion. Not only how a young boy and his dog can take a worn out street preacher that is about as illegal as they come and change his life around but how this preacher who has lived his life on the road with no one to worry about but himself, can fall so hard for this pair and take them under his wing. Though out the book the main theme is love along with having some faith ,grace and hope which all win out over the face of adversity. As I read the book it reminded me a whole lot of the movie “Leap of Faith” about a traveling “con man” preacher.

I would recommend this book for all to read.