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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new indie novel from T.L. Peters coming soon

An exciting new psychological thriller from the author of The Eden Factor,  A Pittsburgh Affair and Gracie and the Preacher is coming soon to an online book seller just a click or a touch away from you.

Adrian Loft sees a strange “vision” ordering him to do something that may subject him to vicious public ridicule and perhaps ruin his career and even his life.
Adrian tries desperately to write off the vision as some psychic quirk, but things keep happening to him, things he can’t ignore.

Soon Adrian embarks on a journey that will forever change his  life, and perhaps yours too.

The Falling Ascent of Adrian Loft is a mind-blowing thriller for a new generation of readers.
“T.L. Peters way of writing is wonderful.” Kyanara at lacedlittlemuffin.blogspot.com

Reviews for The Eden Factor

                “The plot was very well constructed, flowed from beginning to end without any gaps, and did a good job of holding my overall interest.”  Nicole at prettyopinionated.com

                “The book was really good….I loved this book.”  The Book Girl at mybookaddiction.blogspot.com

                “I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who likes Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Mystery or Drama.”  Wynter at Wynteradelle.com

Reviews for A Pittsburgh Affair
                “I found it to be thrilling and full of suspense.”   Tanya at allthingsbooks.blogspot.com

                “A Pittsburgh Affair is very fast paced, and I soon found myself whisked away on Spencer’s adventure of suspense and intrigue….Suspense is prevalent, especially as the novel develops, yet Peters juxtaposes it nicely with comic relief as the characters find themselves in harrowing situations and making unorthodox decisions.”  Shana at A Book Vacation

Reviews for Gracie and the Preacher
                “This is such a heartwarming story of love and devotion….I would recommend this book for all to read.”  Lynn at Books ‘N More

                “Overall I enjoyed Gracie and the Preacher.  I read it in one sitting.” Ashton at the Book Blogger

About the author:
T.L.Peters is the author of ten books, with two more due out soon, one as an indie novel and the other from an established e publisher. He is an ex-lawyer who enjoys playing Bluegrass Fiddle and giving his dog long walks in the woods. In between he writes novels with offbeat story lines and unforgettable characters designed for a new generation of readers.