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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why so many novels all at once?

Some of you have e mailed asking why all these novels have come out at once.  Was I writing them all at the same time, or did I just decide to publish them in one large gulp?  I'm afraid it's the latter.  I've been writing for a number of years, had two prominent New York agents, but there were no takers among the legacy publishers.  The verdict was that while the editors for the most part liked the books, they didn't feel they were saleable in sufficient numbers to make it worth their while. So, with the decline of bricks and mortar book sellers and the rise of digital novels, I decided to publish a few on my own.  And then after I started I couldn't seem to stop and ended up publishing almost all of them.  They range from Gracie and the Preacher, which is a tale of a boy and his dog on the run, to The Eden Factor, an apocalyptic thriller, to A Pittsburgh Affair, a quirky kind of suspense novel about an unusual sort of guy.  I guess I should have planned this all in advance and perhaps brought them out one at a time, but now that they're all published I'm trying to get some attention for them.  So I set up this blog and joined book blogs and Goodreads and am seeking reviews.  It's time consuming, but it's kind of fun.
A short story of mine has recently been accepted by Best Fiction, www.bestfiction.org, for its inaugural issue.  Some time this summer another novel of mine, An Imperfect Miracle, should come out under the auspices of Untreed Reads Press, a new and fast growing e publisher based in San Francisco.  
So take a look around and see what you think.  All the links work, and clicking them will take you to a site where you can read a summary of the novel and download a portion for free.  All the novels are now priced at 99 cents.  Since I'm just getting started, I believe that my pricing should be modest.