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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Horror Sale at Untreed Reads Press

The good folks over at one of my publishers, Untreed Reads Press, www.untreedreads.com, have just announced a sale on horror titles that runs through October.  Here is the announcement, and while you're checking it out, why not have a look at my novel, An Imperfect Miracle, which has won rave reviews. 

OCTOBER HORROR SALE (Untreed Reads/Amazon/Kobo)

Naturally, October is the perfect time to showcase all of our great horror stories. We are reducing the price on all horror novels, novellas and short stories for the entire month. In fact...these went on sale today! Here's what the pricing structure looks like for the sale:

$0.99 remains the same.
$1.50 becomes $0.99
$1.99 becomes $1.25
$2.99 becomes $1.75
$4.99 becomes $2.99
My novel, An Imperfect Miracle, is available at e book stores world wide, including at the following links: 
Nathan Gray has trouble making friends, his alcoholic father ran out on him, his mother is preoccupied with work and finding a new husband and his dog Chewy has just died. So perhaps it's not surprising that Nate comes to believe that his beloved Chewy has returned from the dead to once again be his best friend. His mother is alarmed, but the therapist predicts that Nate will grow out of his habit of "seeing things" once he comes to grips with his emotional traumas.

But then, on his way to school, Nate stumbles upon what he can only describe as a miracle - a man seemingly healed of a fatal head wound by a smudge on an old, dingy concrete wall. Nate might be on to something that can't be attributed to his imagination, as many in his small industrial Pennsylvania town, quickly ascribe spiritual significance to the smudge, and healing powers too.

Some of the town's leading citizens decide to capitalize on the sudden influx of tourists by turning the smudge into a shrine and charging admission. Not everybody is on board with the notion that the miraculous has somehow intruded into their mundane routine, and Nathan soon finds himself at the center of a raging controversy.