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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Opening Volume of Brand New Series Just Released

Hot and Tough,  A Blake Rock Novel #1, an exciting new series, is available at the following links:

Barnes & Noble


Blake Rock, an ambitious lawyer on the cusp of a life-changing promotion, is given the job of representing a wealthy client intent on driving a small competitor out of business.  Blake soon discovers that the competitor, a woman of great charm and a cloudy past, is not at all what he expected.  Neither are her hard-boiled employees, one of whom, a beautiful bodybuilder who goes by the name, Honeysuckle, might just end up killing him, that is, if she doesn't fall in love with him first.

"Peters has created a dynamic new character in the lovely and potentially lethal person of Honeysuckle, a woman who demands to be in charge and who takes no guff from any man."  Theodora

"Fun, fast-paced and good-natured.  A great action read for 99 cents, with a bit of romance thrown in.  Damsel 

From the Author:  The Blake Rock series was created in response to comments from some readers expressing dismay that the Jake Stone books had come to an end. I hope you enjoy this new series, which I trust, Lord Willing, will feature many more installments to come.