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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Pittsburgh Affair

A Pittsburgh Affair is available through the following e book sellers:

Barnes & Noble

Spencer Wedgeworth, a rising young star in an elite law firm, fears that he is being drawn into an international crime ring headed by his superiors at the firm, including some rather flashy and violent women. Aided by a quirky paralegal planted to spy on him and with whom he falls madly in love, Spencer uncovers the real truth about the contraband that he has been spiriting around the globe, a truth far more terrible than anything he could have imagined. But when his friend and long time mentor betrays him, Spencer flees to Bolivia where he has it out with the mob bosses in a wild brawl instigated by his girlfriend. Will Spencer survive to see justice done, or will he become just another in a long line of unfortunate victims in a mind blowing, no-holds barred game of espionage and murder?

"This is edge of the seat stuff....Moonglow is a really strong personality who just gets on with it." Spriteby's Bokhylle

"I've just finished A Pittsburgh Affair by author Thomas Peters and I found it to be very thrilling and full of suspense. The plot line was somewhat reminiscent of books by the novelist John Grisham. If you are a fan of John Grisham or authors who write books similar to John Grisham then I highly recommend that you read A Pittsburgh Affair. I gave A Pittsburgh Affair 9 stars for having a believable story line that really grabbed my attention and didn't let go until the very last word." Tanya at All Things Books

“[I]t was a fast-paced thriller, sometimes even a bit humorous. I especially loved Moonglow. She was super awesome, and she kicked ass. Literally.” Ashton The Book Blogger.

“A Pittsburgh Affair is very fast paced, and I soon found myself whisked away on Spencer’s adventure of suspense and intrigue….Suspense is prevalent, especially as the novel develops, yet Peters juxtaposes it nicely with comic relief as the characters find themselves in harrowing situations and making unorthodox decisions.” Shana at A Book Vacation

"There's no question that Peters is a master wordsmith." Gerry B's Book Reviews