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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Boy Who Loved Bach, Now On Sale

The Boy Who Loved Bach is available at e book stores world-wide, including through the following book sellers:

Barnes & Noble

THE BOY WHO LOVED BACH tells the light-hearted story of how a talented, yet socially challenged teenager manages to balance the competing pressures of adolescence and escape reasonably sane and in one piece.

"I enjoyed the overall story and message that this book carried....A great story highlighting that everyone has some place they can belong, even if it is that place you least eaxpect." K at EK Family Books

"I believe the likeability of the main character carries the book and keeps the reader interested in the outcome." Kathy at Books Kids Love

"T.L. Peters did a splendid job of capturing the essence of a teen....The Boy Who Loved Bach was a heart-warming story with a bunch of laughs thrown in. T.B. at Bot Blog

“The plot was one of self-discovery. There wasn’t suspense or a paranormal in sight, but this book really was amazing. We all know how awkward being a teenager is. And T.L. Peters just got everything right. From the pressures to the schoolwork to the romance. It was beautiful. Perfect. I loved it. And the writing was just wonderful, adding to the amazingness of the story. Somehow T.L. Peters got it to sound like a real teenager narrating, and made me completely believe in both Ed’s genius and his average-teen-ness. Ed came across as very clever, very mature, but at the same time, just a teenage boy like any other. And I loved that.”  The Book Addicted Girl