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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Boy Who Delivered The Wind, Now On Sale

The Boy Who Delivered The Wind is available at e book stores world-wide, including through the following online sellers:

Barnes & Noble: Coming Soon

Little Sammy needs ten thousand dollars, and fast, if he is to save his home from foreclosure and his family from catastrophe.  Russ befriends the lonely boy, and soon the two embark on a series of adventures that reveal the sorry underbelly of humanity and the glorious mysteries of nature.

"Once in a while an author comes along who can really tell a tale. Thomas L. Peters reminds me of Mark Twain in his telling of this lovely story of two young boys and all the trouble they get in during the end of their school year and the beginning of summer. Russel is a total character who perceives the world with a great simplicity. I loved his parents and their idiosyncracies. His buddy Sammy is a real precocious lad, who talks to the trees and the wind and has the most bizarre family you can ever imagine. The descriptions and dialogue are pure gold. The story will linger on in your heart. A truly beautiful story for all ages." Lynne Murray at the Bookworm