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Monday, September 3, 2012

Jake Stone

The Jake Stone Thrillers

“I originally bought a Jake Stone novel because it was 99 cents. Then I got hooked and bought all the rest of the novels! I love Snowflake - she gives feminism a new face! Jake is a lovable, henpecked guy. The women are all great. I can hardly wait for a new one to be published.” DA-K “Diane”

“This was my first introduction to Jake Stone on this rollercoaster adventure. This episode has more twists than a box of pretzels. There are so many things happening in this book that it is somewhat difficult to track them all. I found it exciting and looked forward to continuing with the exploits of Jake. I found that the Amazonian characters were refreshing, and they train like Navy Seals [ reminded me of the Demi Moore character in G.I. Jane]. If you want real life examples of strong females, you only have to look at the Olympics [ boxing, wrestling, Judo, rowing, track, swimming, and more]. This book is a great place to start learning about the characters that will intrigue you as you continue with the series. Jake Stone starts out as an attorney (like the author), and seems to become more of a detective. Snowflake, the main female character, is one tough Amazon that might remind you of Wonder Woman. I hope you enjoy this first of many exploits of Jake Stone and Snowflake. I'm off to read my next episode. Thank you T. L. Peters; Keep up the good work.” Ram75

Book One, Deception                                   Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Two, Deception                                  Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Three, The End Game                       Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Four, Snowflake’s Revenge              Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Five, All Woman                               Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Six, The Thumper                             Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Seven, Female Force                         Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Eight, Mayhem                                  Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Nine, Fierce                                       Amazon      Barnes & Noble

Book Ten, Peace                                         Amazon       Barnes & Noble  

Book Eleven, The Return of Zagle           Amazon      Barnes & Noble

Book Twelve  The Malevolent Sister       Amazon      Barnes & Noble

Book Thirteen  Jake’s Shining Moment   Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Fourteen  Honeysuckle And
The Death Maiden                                     Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Book Fifteen  Bloody Harvest                   Amazon     Barnes & Noble

“The entertainment value that T. L.Peters serves up at a price of .99 USDs a helping is a good reason to keep reading. While the exploits may be bizarre, they continue to captivate. It helps that Peters writes like a whirling dervish. There is always another one coming, whether in this series or one of his others.” Linda A. Root, “a prosecutor” and author of the acclaimed novel, The First Marie and the Queen of Scots.