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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jake Stone, Book Two, Just 99 Cents

DECEPTION, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book Two), listed on Amazon as a top kindle read for under a buck, is available through the following online book sellers:

“Because of Amazon and Kindle I'm reading authors I would not have been exposed to normally.I've read the complete Jake Stone series and have truly enjoyed them.The character development of both Jake and Snowflake and their daughter Fierce was excellent.I just had to keep reading and buying the next installment and did not want the series to end.” Old White Lady

“A New Cult Classic.” J Storm

"The second installment in the Jake Stone Thrillers may be even more rollicking and jaw-dropping than the first.  Jake rides a roller coaster of gun battles, deadly karate fights and outright brawls in a wild race to reunite with his lovely but lethal friend, Snowflake, who remains as inscrutable, charming and ferocious as ever.  Three new women add spice and intrigue to the story and keep the reader guessing which of them is really on Jake's side, and which is out to kill him.  I again look forward to reading the next installment in this fun and action-packed series."  Theodora K.