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Monday, January 7, 2013

Fourth Volume Of The Jake Stone Series On Sale For Just 99 Cents

The fourth volume of the hot new series with a fresh take on the Battle of the Sexes is entitled, Snowflake’s Revenge, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book Four), and is available through the following online book sellers:

“A new cult classic.”
“A very gripping adventure.”

"In this fourth volume of The Jake Stone Thrillers, Jake turns introspective, Snowflake gets really mad, and when one of their old rivals unexpectedly shows up, things get really out of hand.  I loved this book for many reasons, but especially because Snowflake finally shows us her softer side.  Don't worry though.  Her muscular side is still on display and in your face.  Four books, about 700 pages, and nearly 200,000 words later, I'm still hankering for more."  Theodora K.

"T.L. Peters' way of writing is wonderful."  Kyanara