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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The ninth volume of the popular Jake Stone Thrillers, Fierce, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book Nine), is available at e book stores world wide, including through the following links:

“I have read the entire series to date and must say it is captivating. This is not the most complex intrigue you will ever read. It is straight-forward intense actions. Strong characters and plots with enough twists and turns to keep you coming back. The unbelievable characters are so believable because there is a little bit of each one of them in each one of us!”
“This is a continuation of an inept male being saved by a very proficient female. Jake continues to demonstrate unbelievable stupidity, and the capacity to quickly recover from severe beatings by a variety of both male and female thugs. A good fantasy read.”
“This is another amusing and entertaining novel in the Jake Stone Series. These books are like delicious pieces of candy. It's hard to stop once you start. I love Snowflake. She's definitely my kind of woman. And Jake is the prototypical long suffering man. A great bargain at 99 cents.”
“Great series, loved each and every volume in this fast paced, futuristic series. Loved it! No amount of words can say how unique these stories are!”
“The entertainment value that T. L.Peters serves up at a price of .99 USDs a helping is a good reason to keep reading. While the exploits may be bizarre, they continue to captivate. It helps that Peters writes like a whirling dervish. There is always another one coming, whether in this series or one of his others.”
“I admit it! I always want a 'Snowflake Book' waiting in my library for the sheer enticement of having a quick recreational read that leaves me with a chuckle. I do not pretend to be reading great literature--I am just looking for a bit of fun. This series for me is the ultimate in escape fiction. My idea of physical fitness is ten minutes around the dog yard with a shovel. I am short, above my fighting weight, and know nothing about the martial arts other than I use to think Jean Claude was sexy. But I do relate to Snowflake, and I love Jake because all things told, he is not afraid to be afraid of a really scary woman--reminds me of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. This is not for a reader who wants hot romance, a heavy read or challenge. It is just for fun.”  Linda A. Root, a “prosecutor” and author of the acclaimed Queen of Scots Suite.