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Saturday, July 6, 2013


The Journey, A Dirk Cobb Thriller (Book Two), is available through the following e book stores:

“No matter how much mayhem and physical abuse faces Pittsburgh lawyer Dirk Cobb in Bolivia, it is nothing compared to the prospect of facing off with his potential Mother-in-Law, the mighty Amazon Snowflake, and her ill-fated protege Katie. Good thing he has his lover Fierce's father Jake Stone on his side. He needs all the help he can get. And I was pleased to see that there was a more than a little bit of the local "charm" of the Bolivian jungle in the story. It is sort of a travelogue with muscle, and like in the Jake Stone series, the muscle bundles are on outsized beautiful women who don't intend to sit second chair to any guy. With installment two behind us, what dilemma will Dirk encounter that approaches the challenge presented by his true love's mother? I suspect that T. L. Peters is ready with the answer to that question. These books are entertainment==fast reads that leave you ready for the next installment, which with this writer, is always just around the corner.”  Linda A. Root, “a prosecutor” and author of the acclaimed novel, The First Marie and the Queen of Scots.”  

 "This second installment of the exciting new series, The Dirk Cobb Thrillers, tracks our quirky hero as he leaps from one bizarre incident to the next in a breathtaking trek that takes him from the dazzling Andean city of La Paz, to the ancient silver mining town of Oruro, to the highest navigable lake in the world.  There is plenty of action, loads of fun and a dash of romance as well in this often unpredictable and always suspenceful saga, with the indomitable Snowflake and her offbeat family always just a heartbeat away."  Theodora

"Peters delivers first-rate entertainment.  At just 99 cents, a can't miss value." Damsel