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Friday, July 25, 2014


The eighth volume of the popular Jake Stone Thrillers, Mayhem, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book Eight), is available online at e book stores world- wide, including through the following links:

“I originally bought a Jake Stone novel because it was 99 cents. Then I got hooked and bought all the rest of the novels! I love Snowflake - she gives feminism a new face! Jake is a lovable, henpecked guy. The women are all great. I can hardly wait for a new one to be published.”

“I have purchased the books in this series from 1-9 and have enjoyed reading them all. They keep you reading and wanting to know what happens next.”

“Watch out. These books are addictive. They are like potato chips. They are full of starch and are not that good for you.  You will not come off of the experience enlightened, educated, or prodded to higher thoughts. You will just have a jolly good time read. I am a writer, and I tend to be critical, but in this case, how can one be critical of something that works, even if it shouldn't. Are the characters believable. Nope, unless you think there is a small army of beautiful outsized Amazons on steroids out there kicking the male population of the US, EU and the Americas to kingdom come. Are the adventures believable. Not really Is there literary merit in them Get real! These books are just plain fun.”  Linda A. Root, “a prosecutor” and author of the acclaimed Queen of Scots Suite of historical novels 

In this eighth installment of the popular Jake Stone series, Snowflake takes a backseat to her normally submissive husband Jake, who finally asserts his manhood by traveling the globe in search of their kidnapped child, Fierce.

Will Jake survive the ordeal, and, perhaps even more important, will he once more gain the respect of his ferocious spouse?

"I grabbed the first novel in the series, Deception, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book One), for $0.99 and started reading out of curiosity--after a few pages, I couldn't put it down.  Mr. Peters writes in a very fresh style and the characters have a real charm.  The plot is well developed and keeps the pages turning.  I'm already buying the next few books in the series.  Do yourself a favor and check it out."  Tiger03

"There is no question that Peters is a master wordsmith."  Gerry B's Book Reviews