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Thursday, January 29, 2015


The first volume of the classic about Jake Stone and his ferocious friend, Snowflake -- DECEPTION, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book One) -- is available at e book sellers world-wide, including through the following online links:


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While representing a wealthy tycoon and his ambitious and devious grandson, hard-boiled lawyer Jake Stone is saved from a vicious beating in a shady alley by a lovely young woman with a knack for the martial arts. Snowflake, she calls herself and quickly latches onto Jake for a wild ride through the underbelly of corporate America and beyond. But is she who she says she is, just a humble paralegal hunting for a job, or is she a corporate spy, a gun runner, an assassin, or simply a girl looking for a decent guy, or perhaps all of the above?

The big question is whether Jake will live long enough to find out.

"At 190 heart stopping pages Deception is a rollicking, action-packed thriller with plenty of bullets, bodies, karate chops, belly laughs and shady characters to enchant even the most demanding reader. I especially enjoyed Snowflake. Now there's a girl who really knows how to kick butt in style! I look forward to reading the next volume in this wild and engrossing series." Theodora K.

"There's no question that Peters is a master wordsmith." Gerry B's Book Reviews

"A most interesting version of the usual lawyer vs the bad guys novel. This book is an
easy read and makes you want more."

"Of course it was good, it's a Jake Stone thriller!!!"

"Awesome book"

"Love this author and find his writings mesmerizing and his vocabulary is top notch."

"The book is great, and surprisingly well developed, given all the twists and turns. This
author has a way of vividly depicting events that has the reader SEEING the
altercations and fights. Here's a story that's a good comedy ( or is it a farce?)!
The ending is a good surprise, and I do wonder about the lawyer's next steps."

"Love this writing style. New characters are easily introduced while developing the
intriguing story line. Rapid moving story allows you see what you are reading.

I am officially a fan."

"This was a great read - compelling, entertaining and definitely a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat
thriller. I'm searching other books by the author already!"

"Great series, loved each and every volume in this fast paced, futuristic series. Loved it! No amount of words can say how unique these stories are!"

"I blindly chose this author, and I am so glad I did. I couldn't put my kindle down. Great