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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Legal thrillers

My novels, A Pittsburgh Affair, Helpless in Paradise, Deviant Progression, A Pittsburgh Caper, What's Wrong With Donny Speck? and An Ocracoke Affair, are all legal thrillers written from the perspective of a rather hapless and ethically challenged young lawyer who gets himself into a jam and then is rescued through a series of harrowing events by a strong and beautiful woman.  All the novels provide a take on the law and the legal profession that I'm willing to bet you haven't seen before.  Full reviews for some of these novels appear at the bottom of this page.  So give one a try.  They're only 99 cents apiece.  And if you enjoyed one of them, consider purchasing another.  The first one I wrote years ago was A Pittsburgh Affair, and I just finished An Ocracoke Affair a couple of weeks ago.  My favorite in this genre is What's Wrong With Donny Speck?  Some of the reviewers have written that the action in these stories is balanced with a healthy dose of humor.  I agree, and I think you will too.